We had a great experience with Sara. We met her at an open house that we stopped at last minute. We by no means looked like we could afford that house but she treated us like we were dressed to the nines. Great personality, professional and very knowledgeable yet completely down to earth and funny. My fiance worked out of town and she was very flexible with her hours to accomadate his schedule. Basically, she was always available. We would text her about a house and give her our availability and she would text back quickly with a response and appt time that suited us. We communicated daily throughout the whole process. Sarah took care of everything. She let us know exactly what we needed to do. I was nervous due to the homebuyer horror stories I’ve heard from everyone. It really was pretty much smooth sailing and I give the credit to her. I have recommended her to a couple family members and a friend. I will continue to do so. She informed me that she would let me know when our home owners insurance would need renewed so there would be no lapse. She believes her job doesn’t end after we sign the papers and she collects her pay…. I am so thankful for that! Highly recommend her!